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In order to enhance your life today and start training, it’s important that you understand how it all works…

Endless Fight programs

Our main goal is to help you learn Jiu Jitsu through self defense maneuvers, basic BJJ theory techniques and principles, and core values that align with this respected discipline.


We offer a special method separated by age group called: “WINNERS” is designed to improve their basic motor skills and efficient body mechanics through various activities, presented in a fun and engaging manner. As they advance in understanding, factors such as discipline and coordination, losing and winning, and extract the best from each one.

They gain the self-esteem and self-confidence essential for them to develop into safe, disciplined children. We also focus on bully proofing. They will be taught how to defend themselves using both verbal and real life JiuJitsu techniques.

JiuJitsu will help your child overcome bullies using leverage and control, instead of kicking and punching. Our young kids develop discipline, respect, courage, athleticism, and patience among other important values.
We promote nonviolent resolutions to conflict.

Kids 4-6 years old

We use JiuJitsu as a tool, in a playful way. They will work on their abilities and motor skills

Kids 7-11 years old

This class will expand the students’ understanding of Jiu Jitsu. They will start mastering their skills. Beginners and fundamental techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
We enforce respect, care and encourage students to express any questions and concerns they may have. Communication is the key to creating a healthy environment.

Kids 12-14 years old

They begin to build proficiency in sports, and may even increase the number of training sessions, as it is at the stage that biological maturation occurs, depending on each individual student.
We work hard to ensure that our young students stay away from all the negative habits that are so common with many teenagers. Here at Endless Fight we serve as powerful role models of positive and healthy behavior both on and off the mat

Adults programs

At our academy, we are concerned with developing our students in a safe and healthy way. With mixed or exclusive classes for everybody, jiu jitsu has proven to be a true ally in self defense and in improving the physical and mental conditioning of our students.
Endless fight Jiu Jitsu


16yrs UP:
Teaches the student to use techniques, fall without getting hurt, progression of the fight. Self-defense is part of the curriculum, so it is suitable for anyone interested in working on the basics and practical jiu jitsu and gives a great foundation for sport jiu jitsu.



The Intermediate Class is built on higher level techniques and drills that start shaping the student’s game flow through the development of reflexes, speed and reaction time as well as transitions between one technique and another. Expand your knowledge of key concepts and positions from Fundamentals class while building higher levels of strength, balance, coordination, decision-making skills and fast response – reaction.

The goal of intermediate class is to prepare the transition of the fundamental student from white belt to blue belt. The students start to understand the connections between different positions and combinations of moves to achieve the ‘points’ as it relates to sport jiu jitsu.


Transition between one technique and another, speed and reaction time are explored in this lesson program.

Designed for blue belts and higher.



It is the same JiuJitsu techniques but without the Gi.
We recommend our students begin training NoGi after the 4th stripe on the white belt.

Private Classes

Our private Jiu Jitsu classes allow the student to focus on exactly what that individual student needs to know at their stage of development.


All schedule changes or cancellations should be coordinated with your instructor at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. No-shows will result in loss of that private


Our Self Defense utilizes the practitioner’s lower body strength, allows for a variety of submission techniques, allows for defensive and offensive actions, and teaches awareness and strategy. It teaches how to fight off their back, how to use their body strength for submissions and locks, and how to use their hips. We teach techniques, and self-control necessary to protect herself, regardless of their size.
self defense instructor Endless fight Jiu Jitsu

Who is your instructor?

Leonardo Martins is Black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros (BJJ Revolution, Carlson Gracie). He has displayed unwavering dedication to the sport over numerous years.

His journey began in Brazil, specifically São Paulo, where he initiated his training. In 2007, he made the significant move to San Diego, California.

Leonardo possesses a deep passion for imparting champion-level skills to his students. He staunchly believes that jiu-jitsu stands as the ultimate fighting system globally.


The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) has a belt graduation system that consists of several ranks, with each rank represented by a different colored belt. The IBJJF belt system follows the same order as most other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) organizations.
Here is a breakdown of the IBJJF belt graduation system:

self defense the white Belt

White belt

Congratulations the white belt is the belt that takes longer to get some people to start Jiu jitsu in their 20s 30s 40s etc. This is the starting rank for all BJJ practitioners, and it signifies a beginner’s level of skill.
How it works: 150 classes total, 4 degrees every 30 classes complete a degree also known as “stripe”.

the blue Belt sef defense

blue belt

Is awarded to practitioners who have gained a basic understanding of BJJ fundamentals.
How it works: 325 classes total, 4 degrees every 65 classes complete a degree.

the purple belt sef defense

purple belt

The purple belt is the next level after blue, and it signifies that the practitioner has developed a deeper understanding of BJJ techniques and concepts.
How it works: 375 classes total, 4 degrees 75 classes complete a degree.

sef defense the brown Belt

brown belt

The brown belt is the rank just below black belt, and it signifies that the practitioner has become an expert in BJJ and is capable of teaching and mentoring others.
How it works: 425 classes total, 4 degrees every 85 classes complete a degree.

self defense Black belt

Black belt

The black belt is the highest level of achievement in BJJ, and it represents mastery of the art. It can take many years of dedicated training and practice to earn a black belt.
Follow the IBJJF rules.

In addition to the five main belt ranks, there are also degrees that can be earned within each belt rank. For example, a black belt can earn up to ten
degrees, which are represented by red and black stripes on the belt.
Degrees are typically earned through continued training, teaching, and contributions to the BJJ community.

It’s worth noting that the IBJJF has specific requirements and guidelines for each belt promotion, and practitioners must meet certain criteria in terms of technical proficiency, competition experience, and time spent training in order to be eligible for promotion.

The process of earning each belt rank can vary from practitioner to practitioner, but in general, it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and consistent training.

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